What is a shoe and textile waste recovery organization?

All manufacturers and importers of textiles and footwear need to join a collective system represented by an organization for the recovery of footwear and textile waste.
“Textile recycling” is an organization that facilitates the connection between the various individuals and enterprises in the textile industry within the life cycle of the products concerned. Our platform supports contacts between different stakeholders and serves as a real lever and synergy of action of each of them with a common goal: to utilize textile and footwear waste in a way that ensures their transformation into a new resource.

The activities carried out by “Textile Recycling” are aimed at all persons who placed on the market in Bulgaria shoes and textiles, incl. importers and manufacturers.
“Textile recycling” enters into a contract with the company concerned and undertakes to fulfill its obligations as a member of the collective system of remuneration, for the quantities of footwear and textiles placed on the market.
The funds from the remuneration that are accumulated in the collective system of “Textile Recycling” are invested in the construction of a sustainable system for recovery of shoe and textile waste.